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Bibliographic databases at the Tavistock and Portman

Here is a list of all the databases you can access thanks to the Tavistock library.

And here is a quick reminder of how to access them:

Many of those databases are hosted through the same platform: EBSCOhost. Below you will find help to use this platform effectively to find the documents you need.

To access those different databases, you will often need your Shibboleth login: here is some help about it.

Here is a video showing how to do a good but simple literature search, just as I teach it in class:

About EBSCOhost

About PsycINFO:

Some advanced features

The Literature Review

Are you doing a literature search because you need to write a literature review for your thesis or dissertation?

Have a look at this page to learn what is a literature review.

Here are some great links for you to learn more on this topic.