Find articles

Do you know exactly which article you want to read?

Do you know its title and its author?

Sometimes its worth it just typing the full title of the article (and eventually its author's surname) in Google Scholar to see at a glance if it is there.

If the paper is freely available online, just click on the PDF link to access it.
Link toward a PDF of the article

If you're within the walls of Tavistock and if we have electronic access to the document, you should see a link appear that will take you to the full-text.
You might have to log in with your Shibboleth password to read the document.

Link toward the full-text through EbscoHost

> Do you need help with using Google Scholar?
> Need help with your Shibboleth account?

Do you know in which issue of which journal it was published?

Then you should use Journal Finder.

Journal Finder lists all the journals you have access to through the Tavistock and Portman library.
It replaces our old "One-Stop-Shop for Journals".

Journal Finder will help you access the full-text of those journals in a few clicks or let you know if we have it at the library in print.

To learn how to access and use Journal Finder, you can have a look at the presentation below, or the video underneath.

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